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Diwali Gifts -- Style it up (Step by Step Tutorial)

Namaste Friends!!

This is Kriti and today I am here with a tutorial using Papericious Diwali Release.

I have created four mixed media panels using Papericious Diwali chipboards and their newly launched art mediums Gesso, soft gel, crackle medium and modelling paste. These can be framed and can be given as a gift too.

Let's see how I have created this..

Firstly I have collected few things like chipboard, gauge, ribbon, cord, gesso, soft gel, modelling paste, crackle paste, few acrylic colours, sparkle and Papericious chippies.

First cut the chipboard into four pieces of size 6" x 4.5" and apply Papericious soft gloss gel.

 Coat the chippies with white gesso

 Adhere the gauge with soft gel

Next adhere the cord and ribbon.

 Cover the entire surface with white gesso

Next I have applied Papericious crackle paste at few places. Using modelling paste and stencil made few bubbles also and at some places applied modelling paste and tapped it with palette knife to make few more interesting textures.

After that arranged the chippies.

 I have coloured the chippies with brown acrylic paint and put some sparkle over it to give some more festive touch. And coloured these four panels with different shades and sprayed some water so that the colour can flow.

Lastly arranged all the chippies over these panels.

These are some final pics.

 You can see how perfect these crackles are

Now moving onto another project which I have made using Papericious Happy Diwali Limited edition paper pack.

For this I have recycled two boxes. I have applied Bracket green, Soft Rock and French Blue Chalk paints first on the edges and then adhered the paper with soft gloss gel over the boxes and after that I have used Papericious decoupage glue to cover the entire surface to increase its life.

And here is the project

I hope you have liked these projects and you will try these out. Very simple and easy to make yet elegant.

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Thanks for stopping by!!

Kriti Mishra

Favour boxes - DT post for Rainbow Craftykari

Why purchase gift boxes when you can make your own? Making gift boxes is fun. It’s super easy to learn how to make a cute gift boxes out of scrapbook paper.

To honour the small gifts in life, here is a really cool tutorial on how to wrap up your awesome heart-felt gift with something handmade, your own DIY gift box from scrapbook paper.
This is turned into one of my favourite little projects to do because not only is it quick, but it’s personalized, hand-crafted, a beautiful work of art that will be remembered way beyond the day that you give the gift. Extra bonus...making your own gift box will cost you much less than a roll of wrapping paper at the store! Unique and cheap...who could ask for anything more?

Tutorial for Fold over Paper bag

  • Take a piece of scrapbook paper ( 10" x 12") and score at 5- 3/4"  and 11-1/2" on the long side.

  • Paste as shown in the picture with glue. Allow it to dry for some time.

  • Score both sides at 1" and fold it. The thickness of the fold will determine the space inside the bag and this will become the width of the bag, so accordingly score the paper from both sides.

  • Open the folds and along the creases made  fold inwards on both the sides as shown.

  • Fold the bottom of the bag for a length of around 1-1/2". This will depend on the size of the bag you are making.

  • Unfold the last fold made. Along the side crease, fold inwards to form a triangular shaped edge.Fold the flap inwards and flatten it as shown below. Paste the two flaps together using glue and press so that the base is firm.

  • Now moving on to the top, fold the top of the bag for a length of around 2", open it and pinch inside from both the sides and fold it over again. I had put brown colour cardstock over it for colour co-ordination.
  • Your fold over bag is ready, embellish it accordingly.

Tutorial for Milk Carton Paper bag

  • Take a piece of scrapbook paper (10-1/2" x 7"), score at 2-1/2", 5", 7- 1/2" and 10" on the long side.

  • Turn the paper 90 degrees and score at 2- 1/2", 5", 6- 1/2".

  • Fold and crease all the score lies.
  • Cut along the score lines from the base of your paper upto the 2-1/2" mark to make the flaps which will form the bottom of your box.
  • Next cut away the narrow side tab as shown in the picture.

  • Fold the paper and glue the side tab down.
After that it will look like this

  • Apply glue to the top of 3 of the bottom flaps. Fold each one on top of each other to form the base. The one without any glue should be the last flap to fold down.

  • Now gently pinch in the sides from the top, and close it using mini peg, wooden peg, washi tape or ribbon.
  • Milk carton paper bag is ready.

So I made two favour bags/boxes, hope you get inspired

Tip:- To get the right thickness, use can use high gsm plain cardstock also and later you can adhere scrapbook paper over it. It makes your box sturdy.

Personalize the labels with your own message.
Even though it’s a plain design, you can dress it up with more embellishments to make it look more sparkly & special. 

Kriti Mishra

Treat boxes --- DT project for Papericious

Namaste Friends!!

This is Kriti here with my first project for Papericious.

Its festive season and Papericious has launch variety of products to celebrate this precious moments in a "Papericious" way....Diwali paper pack, Diwali themed chipboards, Decoupage papers and glue, and last but not the least Die- cut boxes...

Making gift boxes at home has never been easier! All thanks to these boxes. These are sturdy, pre- scored and pre- taped...Best part is that these  boxes are ivory in we can colour or stencil them, paste paper on them....possibilities are many..

These boxes can bring  elegance and style to any celebration. Receiving beautifully adorned favour boxes, always gives the feeling that something magical awaits.

I made four boxes today..
I have used Back to Basics pattern paper, few dies, punches, stamps and few other embellishments to adorn these boxes

Have a look

And that's the complete family

Hope these projects inspired to make one for yours...
Thank you

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